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I'm a happy go-lucky scamp!

That's right.

In the summer of 2003 my wife and I made a tremendous decision. We were going to drop out of the Silicon Valley rat race. Furthermore, we were going to move to Ireland.

We sold the house, our cars, the reef tank, and most of our possessions. The rest we shipped, then packed our camping gear up, grabbed the cat, and left America behind. We arrived May 2004, got a car, took the ferry to Europe, and drove to Budapest and back. I lived out my life-long dream of turning thirty while mooching off my wife's parents. And we had a rare chance to gear up for new careers.

Now we have started a new life in Galway. We found new jobs, a house, new hobbies, and are back in charge of our quality of life. And now we have 2 great kids just to keep it interesting. And so, the happy scampering adventure continues...

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Ireland: Jan-Aug 2008

Ireland: Four Years On

Year of the Sumo-baby

Ireland: Three Years On

Ireland: Two Years On

Galway Home

Ireland: A Year On

Italy and The Rest

Austria and Germany: Part 3

Lux., Belgium, Holland, Germany: Part 2,
Czech Rep, and Hungary

Switzerland and Germany: Part I

UK and France: Its Begins!

The Second Month: Bouncing Around Ireland

The First Month: Arrival

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