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Summer of Happy
School has started once again and for a moment it seemed like the good times were coming to an end.  But here we are, end of September, and just had fantastic weather this weekend.  With both kids riding their bikes and the sun we've let them run loose out front to play with the neighbourhood kids.  Great news for me to chill out front with the Kindle and a homebrew.  But all good things must end eventually.  The days are already noticeably shorter and a chill is invading the crisp mornings.  

All in all it has been a good summer, no small feat in Ireland.  We had camping, we had Spain, we had weekend trips, we had Edinburgh for my 40th.   And while it was windy and sometimes wet, all in all the weather didn't get in the way.  Due to all the activities I actually ran out of homebrew and had to turn to commercial.  Unheard of and quickly remedied!

HBC kits are becoming my staple for a guaranteed tasty brew and they have a lot of nice, light varieties which suit the good weather.  With winter looming, it is time to think about my own recipe for a Marzen or Dunkel followed quickly with the next Xmas hooch.  I've got loads of mulled wine spice sachets from last year so hoping those will give my brew that holiday zing.
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