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Name Brewferm Belgian Triple Total Days 1034
Rating Batch size (l) 18
Brew Date 02/02/2020 Cost €32.00
Cellar Date Cost per pint €0.89
OG: 1.075 FG: 1.024
ABV 6.50% Attenuation: 68.0%
2x Brewferm Triple Kit 3kG
1100g Light DME
2xpkgs Brewferm yeast

200g white Belgian candy sugar (bottle conditioning)
Boiled 18l, added malt and kits.
Brought to boil 15 minutes
10 min added chiller
14 Bottling day; black caps. 18l as scheduled. FG could have been lower but yeast was older (but within date) and reviewing past brews this is pretty common as was the batch size. First taste was good, no off flavours.