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The thirst mutilator!

Name Munton's Santa's Winter Warmer Total Days 2567
Rating Batch size (l) 18
Brew Date 22/11/2015 Cost €30.00
Cellar Date Cost per pint €0.83
OG: 1.062 FG: 1.019
ABV 5.48% Attenuation: 69.4%
1x Munton's Premium Gold Santa's Winter Warmer 3.6kg 5.7%
1x kit yeast
Followed kit instructions only.

110g priming sugar; just below boil added Mulled wine sachet for 5 mins
14Seemed done but FG still at 1.020 so left for another week
20Bottling day: red caps. FG only went to 1.019, apparently common with Munton's yeast (reviews also not to favourable). Taste is still nice, sweet with a strong hop backbone.
246Was decent, friend confused it for a dunkel which I could see. Drinkable but won't by again.