Lounge One-Eleven

The thirst mutilator!

Name HBC Irish Red Ale Total Days 2687
Rating Batch size (l) 22
Brew Date 25/07/2015 Cost €26.50
Cellar Date Cost per pint €0.60
OG: 1.052 FG: 1.01
ABV 5.36% Attenuation: 80.8%
HBC Irish Red Ale kit
12g Cascade hops
1xpkg US-05 yeast

150g priming sugar
Brought 20l to 70C and steeped grains 30 minutes
Brought 22l to boil
Added DME
60 min added hops
15 min added whirlfloc tablet
10 min added chiller
0 min added 12g Cascade (aroma)
0Forgot to add DME until cooled.
15Bottling day: red & black caps
19Official Man-Zone 2015 brew!
118Turned in to a really good beer. When we had most of it at manzone it seemed very hoppy and almost sickly. I got tired of it. Now I can't get enough of it!