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The thirst mutilator!

Name HBC Brown Ale Total Days 2803
Rating Batch size (l) 20
Brew Date 31/03/2015 Cost €26.50
Cellar Date Cost per pint €0.66
OG: 1.06 FG: 1.011
ABV 6.25% Attenuation: 81.7%
3kg Wheat DME
Crystal & Chocolate malts (kit)
3 hop additions (60, 15, 0min)
S-05 Safale yeast

120g priming sugar (up from 100g)
Brought 20l up to 70C
Steeped grains for 30 min
Rinsed x4
Brought 23l back to boil
Add DME and bring back to boil
Start 60 minute timer:
At 60 min first hop addition
At 15 min second hop addition
At 10 min chiller
At 10 min whirlfolic tablet
At 0 min last hop addition
0Used wheat instead of light DME by mistake, so may turn out with more of a dunkel. Although all leaf hops, lots of sediment. Draining to fermenter got clogged so really stirred it up and let it all go to fermenter. Very full so hoping much will blow off in the next few days.
1Fermentation going well, temp at high side, will see how much blows off.
15Bottling day, got nearly 20l. Light and promising. Tinge of tartness on the very periphery? Good I didn't wait.
116The wheat dme turned this in to a dunkle. Went down very well with better half.