Lounge One-Eleven

It's lounge-tastic!

Name Bulldog Triple Tykes Special Export Total Days 3046
Rating Batch size (l) 23
Brew Date 04/02/2015 Cost €26.95
Cellar Date Cost per pint €0.59
OG: 1.054 FG: 1.017
ABV 4.72% Attenuation: 68.5%
3kg Bulldog Triple Tykes Special Export Ale Kit
12g finishing hops - target/golding
125g priming sugar
Brought 20l to a boil
Added 3kg kit
Added chiller - 10 minute countdown
0Fermenter very full. Using heater and blow off tube.
14Bottling day - yellow caps. Hopefully didn't bottle too early, still a bit of activity in airlock but could have been from disturbing fermenter.
171This is half decent.