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Dark Days

What started with such promise back in May gave way to the wettest summer in 100 years.  It’s the 1st of September and with school back in session its clear autumn is on the way.  So I have to ask summer, “Was that it?”

Dark days have cursed a few of my brews as well.  My Christmas ale and a few others just didn’t come out as well as they should.  I’m not sure what the problem is and my interest has waned a bit so I'm thinking of doing more kits.

Still summer wasn’t all bad.  Back in May, when the summer had such promise, we took the family back to Spain.  We’ve been in this area a few times before but with the kids older and being able to do more we had the best family holiday so far.  I contented myself with inexpensive bottles of Grimbergen, Judas, and Leffe.  We also had 3 camping trips around Ireland using our new roof box to build a palatial campsite.  After a rainy start at Battlebridge in Leitrim, we had excellent trips and cooperative weather in Westport and Dingle.  The one thing about living in Ireland is when the weather is good, you take advantage of it.  Snatch a bbq or a walk and never waste a sunny day. 

I mentioned the last time and friend and I were to do a tasting of the world’s best beer Westvleteren 12.  We had a great night tasting my favourite Rochefort 10 and my friend’s favourite St. Bernardus 12.  All in all we couldn’t agree on the winner but both agreed the Westvelteren lacked a sophistication which may come with aging.  We both have bottles we’ve put away for a future taste test.

I should also declare a new found appreciation for Affligem Blode ale.  I never knew how seriously to take this beer as it was seemingly being discontinued and inexpensive when I first encountered it.  However, I’ve come to recognize it as being a fantastic Belgian blonde far superior to Leffe Blonde.

Well, that’s it for now.  Enjoy the dry, crisp days of fall as the dark days of winter are upon us.

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