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Spring Has Sprung

And like a trap, so did lent.  Cutting back in brewing and consumption in the New Year thus far.  That said a new season with the promise of sun and fair weather inspires images of bitters in the garden and weiss while camping with the family.  Speaking of weiss, my dunkel got unexpected accolades.  An attempt to recreate with different ingredients lead to a non-wheat porter, also good.  New ingredients to recreate the former have arrived from my new Irish supplier.  Now to just find the time to see if I can recreate the masterpiece.

Speaking of masterpieces, an unusual and expensive opportunity came to obtain the coveted holy grail of beers, Westvleteren 12.  Considered by some the best beer in the world aged bottles are sometimes sold for prices reserved for wine.  The rarity adds to the mystique as these beers are only sold in person at the abbey or at the cafe across the road.  Due to a reconstruction project these Trappist beers are available for a mere €10 a bottle for a limited time.  We are set to do a comparison to Rochefort 10 and St. Bernardus 12.  It should be quite a night!

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