Lounge One-Eleven

For when you're cold, wet, and alone

So.... that was it?

I write this on the last day of August wrapping up what the news calls the coolest summer in 20 years.  There wasn’t exactly a lot of lounging with a bitter on a sunny day in the back garden but there was plenty of camping, activities, and a myriad of things crossed off various lists.  You know you’re having fun if you’re tired.  I’m sad to see summer end but am ready to hibernate for the winter as the cold is already threatening to return. 

And so a day passed and it is now September.  Logan has just had his first day of school.  The forecast for the weekend?  Rain.  Bring on autumn!  Indeed it is time to start planning for a Belgian dubbel with gobs of dark Belgian candi sugar.  I have been meaning to formulate this recipe for ages and I think it's time has come.  This year maybe another porter should be attempted along with my traditional holiday warmer.

Of course it’s not all fun and games with the homebrew.  The Fate of the Crate Disaster saw half a batch crash down on the landing when my crate cracked and fell asunder.  An unmitigated disaster of wasted beer, shards of glass, and fears of a ruined carpet and ceiling below saw a day-long clean up operation.  But the mess was cleared and better crates have been procured from a pub to avoid a repeat.  The brew must go on!

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