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The sun is returning and daylights savings has kicked in meaning longer days and the promise of warm days outdoors ahead.  In preparation I have finally brewed my L1-11 IPA heavily featuring Armarillo hops.  With the sudden rise in price of commercial favourite Duvel I surprised myself when the last batch of Belgian ale ran dry.  I must have been doing something right!

The order has been placed and more malt is on the way as I plan to step up my game in 2011 to beat my measly score of 7 brews last year.  Time is also back on my side so there should be a few more opportunities to brew.  I have finally given my business to an Irish homebrew shop which looks up to competing with my regular UK superstore.  I have high hopes this could be the start of a beautiful relationship allowing me to make smaller orders throughout the year allowing for greater consistency and fresher ingredients.

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